Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Temptation Gothic Artisan unisex fragrance

"The Temptation" a new unisex oil by Enchanticals Perfume.
Label art and fragrance inspiration by Chris Whittington.

The seduction of the serpent offering sweet pleasures from the tree in a garden of natural bushels of nose gays, warm splashes of sun rays on the earth finding passage through the leaves of the trees,  warm beds of soft earth covered by feather soft flora and fauna.
Sweet smooth Honeysuckle, ancient Amber essential oil, light Patchouli essential oil, and the ever sexy scent of lush Vanilla.

Zombie Pops Gothic Zombie Perfume for Halloween!

The newest member to the "Zombie Love" collection is now available called "Zombie Pops".

"From the "Zombie Love" collection & just in time for Halloween, a gourmand fall fragrance that blends a fit-for-a-Zombie pumpkin spice cake, a bit of whiskey, Tahitian vanilla, a hint of orange, and a topping of butterscotch.
Put this out to trap a Zombie! It works every time ;)"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The contest is on :)

Did you find them all? 
Check here to see if you missed any:

And the winner is: 
Savannah! Congrats Savanna, I could not find you as a member of this blog. Please confirm you blogger ID for me!  If Savanna is not a member of the blog, I'll pick again to play fair. Thanks so much for playing everyone!

Count how many perfume bottles you can find in this photo, and fill out the widget below!
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