Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Valentine's Day Giveaway 2015 is here!

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Congrats to Karen C! You won! Please contact me and give me your mailing address and I will ship these out!

Win the entire "Love Potion" collection sample size pack!
Who can enter? You must live in the USA, and follow all the instructions in the rafflecopter giveaway posted above entirely!

Contest ends 2/22/15 Good Luck!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Creating all natural perfumes lately and loving it!

There is this connection with the vibration of  all things "alive" that is completely euphoric.
I've been spending most of my creation time working on the alchemy of botanical fragrances lately, and am finding it completely rewarding.
Finding inspiration from each botanical it's self, I can find no end to the possible formula's I can create.

Some that I have come up with lately I will post here.  Mostly, I find my self ever-still attracted to incense and Oriental blends (which I never tire of) with so many formulary possiblilities to keep me happy for a life time :)

Here's some of the latest:
"Black Cat" 100% natural perfume oil spray- Vegan Friendly Black Cat works nicely on both men and women. This hot fragrance starts off with top notes of almond and blood orange followed by warm spices, lots of woods, and dries down to reveal lusty henna leaf and very dark patchouli. My husband finds this one dangerously sexy so, the name reflects the mood :)
 Fragrance Family: Wood/Spice - Time of day: Any - Mood: Sexy
Black Cat


"Artemisia" 100% natural perfume oil spray
Vegan Friendly 1 fl oz in a glass, spray bottle. "Artemisia" was designed for a particular client of mine. She requested creating magick around 3 particular oils; Jasmine, rose, and artemesia. I started with an incense base, and combined all 3 of her choices, and added top notes of orange and a hint of pinapple. This is a lush, fun scent with lots of appeal and personality. 

Fragrance Family: Incense - Time of day: Any - Mood: Sexy

"The Duir" 100% natural unisex perfume oil

The Duir is a forest green, incense fragrance. It's scent is reminiscent of a secret door leading one to Lothlorien, the magickal lands of the Fae. Top notes of apple, followed by green woods, dark woods, and a solid base of spicy incense. Very pretty on both genders. Fragrance Family:

Incense/green - Time of day: Any - Mood: Magickal
The Duir