Friday, April 5, 2013

Whipped Shea Butter!

Whipped Organic Shea butter 100% Natural! Get your skin ready for skimpier clothing!

Shea butter is derived from shea nuts helps protect skin from the sun damage, work superbly as a cuticle cream as well as a hair conditioner. Why is shea butter in such demand? Western countries are just beginning to recognize the considerable health and beauty benefits of shea butter, something Africans have known for thousands of years. Shea butter has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks. It may also help diminish wrinkles by moisturizing the skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation. Shea butter also contains cinnamic acid, a substance that helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays. 

Shea butter is a particularly effective moisturizer because contains so many fatty acids, which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity. The high fatty acid content of shea butter also makes it an excellent additive to soap, shampoos, anti-aging creams, cosmetics, lotions, and massage oils—its soft, butter-like texture melts readily into the skin.

Shea butter protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage. It contains vitamins A and E, and has demonstrated both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Avocado oil, derived from the avocado fruit, boasts some unusual and uniquely healthy properties. Avocado oil is high in vitamin E and unsaturated fats and contains more protein than any other fruit and more potassium than a banana. Avocado oil offers a variety of purported nutritional and medicinal benefits, some of which have been confirmed through scientific research.

Aloe Vera soothes dry, chapped skin and it a great healer for burns.

Vegetable glycerin is a perfect humectant (holds moisture in the skin) for extra long lasting moist, soft skin. 
A little bit of this whipped butter goes a VERY long way!
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