Thursday, July 5, 2012

The contest on Pinterest is on!

The contest begins on Pinterest! Here is what we are giving away:

1) Set of 6 Perfume Samples by Enchanticals Perfume

Vegan friendly & cruelty free (never tested on animals) Artisan Perfume Oils, Whipped Body Butter, Whipped Cream Soap, all natural Lip Balms, Dead Sea Bath Salts, Bath Fizzies, fragrances for Men, Shaving Soap, Salt Scubs, Sugar Scrubs, Bubble Bath Dough & gifts for all!

2)Magic Wand - "Castor Creatrix" - Beaver-stick, tipped in Wonderstone obelisk, wrapped leather cord handle by The Curio Collective Shop Click Here About our Wand Maker Nathan: "Founder and "Carve-Master" of the Curious Collective, all my wands are hand made out of carefully selected materials. We formed the Curious Collective as a way to give you a place to shop for the strange, the fun, the fascinating and the curious. For us, working as a team keeps our creative juices flowing and inspires us all to greater heights. Keep coming back. More art, oddities and errata will be coming. And stay Curious! 3)

Colorful rainbow earrings From Sanja at the Crafts Garden of Zen
About Sanja: "Crystals are my love. I'm surrounding myself with them for years and this process is like waking up from a big dream . They are giving you a chance to live your life to the fullest. My jewelry is jewelry for your soul. It's my Zen Garden full of beautiful gem spirits."

From Melissa at Immortal Visions: Halloween Food Label Tags (8)
Melissa at Immortal Visions is an outstanding paper artist whom, over the years I have gotten to know, and collected many, many of her works. I can't praise her enough for the intricacy of each individual piece she creates, and although you can see the beauty in each photo of her work, they can not be appreciated fully until you actually have them in your hands. Every time I buy one of her goodies, I can't help but gasp at how amazing they all really are.

From Katt at Black Friday Studios: Johnny Depp ACEO Print Art Card Sweeney Todd
Katt from Black Friday Studios is a super talented painter and creatrix of  fun things. I love best her paintings of Johnny Depp and of course her Monsters. Having several of her pieces, and I can tell you that you will become addicted to collecting her work as much as I am.

Here are the rules:
 1)You must be a member of Pinterest. If you are not, you will need an invitation so, send me a private message with your email address and I will send you the invite.

 2)You must re-pin each of the items listed on the contest board onto one of your boards.
 3)You must leave a note on the contest board sating that you have re-pinned all 5 items.
 4)You must be following the Contest’s board on Pinterest.
 5)You must become a member of Enchanticals Perfume’s Blog in order to find out who won!

 The contest will end on the 19th of July 2012 and the winners name will be picked randomly by the 21st of July and will be announced her on Enchanticals Perfume’s Blog. Ready to get going? Click here!


  1. Your contest has convinced me to finally sign up for Blogspot. I've been meaning to try your perfumes for a while now. I do love the look of your branding, so much work has gone into it! :)

  2. Thanks so much Heather, and I'm so glad you joined! Greatest of luck in the contest! The odds are good since only a handful signed up :)
    The winner will be chosen next week!