Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nocturn Artisan Perfume Oil

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Nocturn Artisan Perfume Oil by Enchanticals Perfume

I get a ton of questions from everyone about my creative process ranging from what my inspiration is, to how I decided to create both my own fragrance line as well as a Bath & Body line. By nature, I'm not very chatty and to be honest I'm a bit modest and never found my thought processes very interesting but, I found out people really wanted all that kind of info. So, there can be no better forum for those questions/answers than here on my Blog! Let's start with my latest perfume oil "Nocturn";
Sometimes I find inspiration in art, literature, magik, horror films (love!), odd objects, and my favorite theme of all Carnivals and all that goes with them.

Sometimes, I'll create an art label and create a fragrance around the label, (like buying a fab pair of shoes and building an outfit around it ;) and sometimes I chose one single essential oil/perfume oil and decide to build upon that one note. In the case of Nocturn, I wanted to build a fragrance around the very special essential oil made from Cognac. Yep, that wine! How sexy and romantic not to mention, could it be any more Sonoma County?!
From there, I broke down the scents within the Cognac it's self, and within it are apricot, orange as well as the deep aged grapes with a good liqueur base. The complimentary notes were chosen from there. I decided on both Apricot & Peach to compliment those notes already present in the Cognac, and chose one of my fave floral's, Night Blooming Jasmine which blends well with the 3 fragrances previously chosen, and from there I chose the base & middle notes that would be the perfect backbone for this special perfume. The fragrance blend has to age for at least a week before I can determine if the measures of each fragrance would work and I adjust the perfume from there. 

So, that's how the magik of how this particular perfume oil was developed, and I'll continue to blog about my mind-works on my new and upcoming perfume art creations, and maybe even some old ones!
All questions are welcomed, and I'll try to answer them as soon as I can :)

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