Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newly released: "The Seelie Court" Fae Fantasy Perfume Oil

The Seelie Court Artisan Perfume Oil

The Seelie Court were considered the true aristocrats of the Daoine Sidhe. They were judges, dispensing justice to the other faery when it was required, and served as frequent arbitrators of the many faery quarrels. The Seelie Court was very political, complete with cliques, factions, gossiping, and rivalry. 

Sometimes called the ‘Blessed Ones,’ the Seelie were often depicted as a procession of brilliant light riding on the night air. The Seelie Court, as a group, would often use these excursions to find those in need of help. The Seelie were also prone to a great deal of mischief, especially when bored. However, their pranks rarely caused true harm, for the Seelie were really very fond of humans.

This perfume oil is a Fairy's nectar dream, made of a concoction with top notes of almond, swirling honeycomb, warm milk, sweet amber, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and wild musk. Sweet and smooth all the way through, and dries down to reveal secret pheromones of a tribe unknown to most.  For the "home alchemist", this one mixes well with dry woody fragrances.

Fragrance Family: Gourmand - Season: Any - Time of Day: Any - Mood: Mysterious
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