Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Spinky Kitten blogs about Bloody Strumpets Perfume!

Being a "business" I can't always vent about well... whatever I want, and so I must live vicariously through other Bloggers and Facebook friends. I do so appreciate honesty, and although one may be upset about this or that - that they are venting about, I find my self both smiling, and feeling a sense of relief for them. The Spinky Kitten is one of those endearing Blogs. She also reviewed my "Bloody Strumpets perfume. You can read about it here.
 I always wondered why this particular perfume oil got so little attention. It's one of the perfumes that when I fill up a bottle for someone, I say to myself, "Wow, that a great one", and wonder why it's sometimes avoided. Well Spinky Kitten had the answer! "It's the name" she said! She thought it was far too classy of a fragrance to have such a dirty, unappealing name. I however, like a bit of controversy and in fact, if not for my business sense (or lack there of) and my conscience, some of the names and concepts I come up with would be rated at least a hard core "R". I guess this is still why it's so important to never judge a book by it's cover, or in this case a perfume by it's name :)
Bloody Strumpets can be found here!

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