Friday, June 21, 2013

"Wynter" Unisex Perfume Oil

Born from the extreme Summer heat, Wynter is a true unisex perfume oil that I so desperately needed an olfactory experience of, just to get some relief from the heat.
Another "different" fragrance that I have yet to smell that came from the depths of my imagination. How does that saying go? Something like: "Creativity is born from necessity". Yeah, in this case it's the truth. Love this one!

"Wynter" Gothic Victorian Fragrance for men and women. 

It's Summer and it's so hot. Hot like never before. The warmer it gets, the more I miss the icy cool days of the waning sun, cuddling up next to a warming fireplace, and wearing my super fuzzy socks.

I created a perfume that to me, smells exactly like Winter, with ice covered ponds, lush green forests, the scent of a distant fireplace burning with the smell of smokey woods, minty cool winds from the North, and freshly cut fire wood.

Fragrance Family: Modern/Wood/Green - Season: Any but, if I had to choose, wear it in the Summer - Mood: Lively

*This product contains essential oils which should be allergy tested on the skin prior to wearing*

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