Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spartans vs the Fae Folk.

Spartans vs the Fae Folk.

Yeah initially, it doesn’t sound like a fair fight and it’s not -  however, if the lousy Spartans only knew.

This is in reality a very unfair fight of product liability and personal injury via theft of product formulations by the Spartan Brands, Inc. If you are unfamiliar with whom they are, please look at their web site.

I’m not in the business of liable and slander so, I shall keep this to my own personal experience with Spartan Brands, Inc. and what I found out about them and their practices.

I got an order for one of my Body Butters through my Etsy shop. I noticed that the buyer was a company (spartanbrands) so, naturally, I looked them up on the web. To my horror, I found that they are a big corporation (equipped with a Park Ave N.Y. address) that “creates” and “formulates” bath and beauty supplies for places such as Sally Beauty Supply as well as many other big businesses and distributors in my field of work. Luckily for me, I was not born yesterday and I asked they buyer (spartanbrands) what they were planning on doing with my body butter, and went on to explain that I was not interested in having my formula duplicated by a big corp. Here was their response: Hello


I would like to cancel my order #95477658, placed on Jul 10, 2013.

I apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing back from you soon.


gary “

Apparently they are required by law to divulge their reasons for the purchase, and avoided the answer by cancelling the order.

Cheese noodle big corporations are trolling the little, un-established,  start up guys, (who are doing nothing more than trying to make a living off of their own honest hard work and legitimate research) to steal our formulations and have them patented under their own company’s name for their own exclusive use.  In other words, once they get their hands on your own formulation, and they decide they like it and wan to go forth and put a patent on it, and put it in to production, you, the creator of that formula, can now not use your own personal formula and sell it as your own because they now own the patent! Really! Is this what they call Capitalism? Because, if it is something needs to change.

I’m putting this out there as a warning to the little legitimate Bath and Beauty manufactures who do NOT steal other peoples formulas for their own use that this (and I’m sure many other) company Spartan Brands, Inc. is out there waiting to take you down, and actively searching for sitting ducks.

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