Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cozy Bohemian with Gypsies & Bellydancers

Fall is serious time to cozy down for me, and as my hubby says "This place does not starve from coziness" :) For me, it's time to change the colors out on the pillows and covers, and bring out some of the richer tones in my house. We've decorated it in a World Traveler Bohemian style. Some rooms far more sedate than the balls to the walls South Asian Bohemian rooms influenced mainly by my Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing adoration. Belly Dancing is such a Female empowering form of  exercise, dedication and art originally created by women for women. This was not a dance created to entice the kings and shaws as once assumed.
dancing is of course the inspiration for my Gypsies & Belly dancers line of perfume oils, most of which are all fall fragrances in my book. Cozy, rich, warm & spicy with tons of incense accord and bunches of mystery.
This month, I've come out with a perfume that embodies Tribal Style in a bottle, and I named it "Bohemian Rhapsody" with main accord of  sultry Egyptian musks and sandalwood, nag champa, and golden patchouli. It's out now to grab up in my Storenvy shop here.

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