Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Fortuna" The Fortune Teller Gothic Carnival Perfume oil from the KrAzY KaRnIvAl Collection

"Fortuna the Fortune Teller" Gothic, Carnival Artisan Perfume Oil from the "KrAzY KarNivaL Freak Show" Collection. 1/8 fl oz in an amber colored apothecary vial by Enchanticals Perfume.

It's just not a Carnival without the Mysterious Fortune Teller, who sits in the shadows of her candle lit Gypsy Wagon, surrounded by other worldly objects of divination which aid her in telling you your destiny :)

This is a soft, ethereal fragrance with light whispers of vanilla e.o., Madagascar vanilla, bergamot, freesia, & honeysuckle, and dries down to reveal the honey covered white musk, with hints of something from (perhaps) the other side. Powdery & feminine!

Fragrance family: Modern/Powder- Season: Any - Time of day: Any- Mood: Sexy
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