Thursday, December 20, 2012

A new Gothic Carnival Perfume oil from th KrAzY KaRnIvAl Colletion

"Levesque Burlesque" Gothic Carnival Perfume oil 1/3 fl oz in a roll-on top glass bottle From the "KrAzY KaRnIvAl" Collection'

Levesque; A person who is extremely funny (even when trying to be serious).

Burlesque; Burlesque was originally a show that poked fun at lowbrow society. It had everything from comic sketches to dancing skits, with women as the actors. It was a show for the upper class to go and enjoy and evolved from there.

A very light hearted, fun and bubbly fragrance perfect for a "Levesque Burlesque" show!
Tops notes of raspberry, garden mint, peach and oranges blended with night blooming jasmine, orchid and aldehydes. Light & bright!

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