Tuesday, January 29, 2013

International Shipping Update

Still no real accurate International chart from USPS but I was able to get an idea of what it looks like.
Anything that would have shipped for $6.90 is now $12.75 and this is now including Canada.
This is for up to 8 oz's. Nothing I ship is under 4 oz's but, from 1 to 4 oz's it's $9.75 and then it jumps to $12.75 until you get to 12 oz's and then it jumps to $14.90. From 12 to 15 oz's it still $14.90
So, accurately assessing shipping costs is still extremely touchy when listing on Etsy or in my Web Store. I have the Etsy shop listed at $12.75 for each perfume for the international shoppers. If you want to combine shipping on multiple orders, it can be done but, it looks like there may be a bunch of refunds sent back to the buyer. I recommend that you pay through Paypal for that reason.
*Still angry as all get out at USPS but, plodding along.

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