Saturday, January 12, 2013

Common scents...

Why get samples of perfume before purchasing a larger bottle? Perfumes absolutely must be tried on your skin in order to see how your own personal chemistry reacts with the mul-
titude of fragrances blended to create any one particular Perfume. Everyone's chemistry is different, and what may smell gorgeous on one person, may smell just terrible on another. For example; Many moons ago I was in search of a new fragrance. I had heard so much about "Shalimar" and how exotic it was, and that's exactly what I was looking for at the time. I went to the perfume counter of a large dept. store, and bought outright a bottle of it without even trying it on 1st. I sprayed some on me, and continued to browse through the store. I'm noticing this foul smell. I thought "there's no way it's me" but, I checked my wrist anyway. Alas, it was indeed the perfume. It smelled like (for lack of a nicer description) like a baby's poopie diaper. How could such a reputable fragrance go south?!, I wondered but, it had nothing to do with them. It was my chemistry that disagreed with it. My bad on not sampling it 1st. Another reason to buy samples 1st, is again because you need to try it on. Many perfumes are complex, and you may not pick up on the subtle middle and low notes just by sniffing the perfume out of the bottle. Top notes are what most large perfume houses count on to sell their fragrances but, after dry down, the top notes fade and you are left with the middle and base notes as the primary scents that linger on your skin. Complex perfumes morph and transmutate on your skin as time goes by. After about 5 minutes of applying the fragrance, you will know what it will smell like on you for the rest of the day. Not every perfume works on everyone, and for the most part, many perfume fanatics (like myself), have many different moods when it comes to fragrances which is why I make so many :) Each one my favorite of the moment, and just what I was in the mood for.
Written by Monica @ Enchanticals Perfume, January 2013

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