Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Enchanticals Perfume's most popular perfumes for 2012

Tallying up last years most purchased perfumes this week, and the leader board has changed from the year prior. These numbers are for full sized bottles, and not sample sizes.
Here are the results for the top 25:

1) Knocking Woodstock down a notch this year was Harvesting Zombies at number 1!
2) Woodstock in 2nd Place
3) Zombie Juice took 3rd
4) Love's 1st Kiss
5) Lucretia
6) Mephistopheles
7) The Fat Lady still in the top 10
8) Nocturn
9) Rama
10) Go Ask Alice
11) Sara's Dragon
12) Ghouls Night Out
13) Typsy Gypsy
14) Blue Moon
15) The Red Queen
16) Mysteire Noir
17) Pride
18) Haight Street
19) Nag Champa
20) Corrosion for Men
21) Love Potion #9
22) Sinta
23) Shakti Moon
24) Levesque Burlesque
25) Sushi With Mermaids

The popularity may also be based on what time last year some of these were release.
Check back next January!

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