Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random perfume ramblings..

I have been afflicted with a bug :( It so happens that when I'm under the weather, my muse(s) leave me to fend for myself. Never a good creative space to work from but, when these things happen, I usually purchase a bunch of essential oils that I have yet to work with. Not that my Organ isn't overwhelmingly huge as it is, and it is but, I like to see what new fantastical perfume creations I can conjure up.
My lot just arrived, and I think the one that most intrigues me is the Butter CO2 that came in the package.
I love the smell of fresh, real butter, and it's soft gentle creamy notes I imagined this essential oil to add smoothness to some of my perfume oils but, when I opened the bottle, it was not at all subtle or really even smooth. It's more like an intense, to the 10th power smell of a stick of butter. Hmmmm, this I can see going nicely with sharp citrus' especially lemon. Maybe some 100% natural Maraschino Cherry, and possibly some fresh coriander e.o. Not really sure how this will integrate into florals or resins but, perhaps spice fragrances might work well. So, once I'm feeling better, I'll see if I can muster my muse(s) back and start creating again.

On a very happy note Dee has a couple of  really good blogs and she did some really awesome reviews of Enchanticals Perfume! You can read about them here on her "365 Days of Smell" here (which is an incredibly ambitious endeavor) and on her blog called "Miss Prissy Pants" :) here. Both are wonderful and interesting blogs to follow and well worth the read!


  1. Mmmm... butter.... <3

    Thanks for the shout out, Monica. :-)

  2. :) I agree! I can't wait to work with the butter, and you are very welcome Dee! Thank you too!